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Rockruff alerts the others that Ash, Olivia and Pikachu are swimming off leading Kiawe to wonder where they are going so Professor Kukui steers the ship over to them. Ash, Olivia and Pikachu reach the rocks and find a {{p|Wailmer}} trapped in the rocks as Rotom joins them and Ash tells him about Wailmer. Rotom heads back to inform the others as Ash, Olivia and Pikachu swim towards Wailmer with Olivia instruct Ash to push Wailer whilst she pulls which they do but the effort sends Olivia underwater and she spots a {{p|Bruxish}} nearby before surfacing as the others arrive. Olivia informs them that the Bruxish is responsible for this and guesses that this area is its territory and that its Psychic power is dangerous and tells Ash and Pikachu to get back on the boat which they do as Rotom provides data on Bruxish. Olivia says that Wailmer must be freed and asks Lycanroc to help her but Rotom stops her saying that as a {{type|Rock}}, Lycanroc isn't good in water but Olivia tells them to watch and has Lycanroc jump in the air before using {{m|Accelerock}} on the nearby cliff, causing rocks to fall into the sea near Bruxish as Lycanroc returns to the boat, much to the others surprise. The attack has helped to free Wailmer but Bruxish's Psychic power is still affecting it and it starts to sink and they need to help it as Bruxish jumps out of the water to scare them before going back in before emitting a loud sound that affects everyone before activating its Psychic power as Olivia tells Lycanroc to use {{m|Rock Slide}} which hits Bruxish who soon flees. Lana is sorry that they made Bruxish angry but Olivia says they need to help Wailmer and they jump back in the water with Kiawe, Lana and {{TP|Lana|Popplio}} joining them.
Wailer is sinking into the depths as Olivia, Ash, Kiawe, Lana and Popplio reach it and Lana has Popplio form a balloon which it does and the balloon surrounds Wailmer and working together, they get Wailmer back up to the surface. Rotom notes that Wailer is weak so Lillie goes to get some medicine as Olivia tells them that they are popping the balloon which will cause Wailer to sink so they'll need to hold it up so Mallow and a reluctant Sophocles jump in to help as Olivia has Popplio pop the balloon which it does. Wailmer starts to sink but everyone's combined efforts prevent it from going down causing WailerWailmer to panic but Olivia reassures it that it will be fine and Wailer calms down as Lillie arrives with the medicine and throws it to Olivia who shows Wailer how to take the pill which Wailmer takes as the Psychic power loses its affect. Back on the boat, everyone watches Wailmer swim off and Kiawe tells Olivia that she really is amazing to which she says goes with the territory of being the Island Kahuna before her leg cramps from all the swimming, causing her to fall over again. They arrive on Akala Island and go to the [[Pokémon Center]] where they meet [[Nurse Joy]], {{TP|Nurse Joy|Blissey}} and {{TP|Nurse Joy|Comfey}}. Olivia apologizes for being late as Ash wonders when Nurse Joy moved here having mistaken her for the Nurse Joy from [[Melemele Island]] but she is her sister as Rotom notes how alike they are as Professor Kukui introduces Nurse Joy to his students and they prepare for dinner once they settle in.
==Major events==