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Katrina (EP069)

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|vajp=Megumi Hayashibara
|vaen=Megumi Hayashibara
|desc={{p|Raichu}} is the only known Pokémon Katrina has, nicknamed '''Raichie''' (Japanese: ライちゃん ''Rai-chan''). It appeared when {{Ash}} was looking for somewhere to train for the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]]. He found Katrina, and they decided to battle. Ash sent his {{AP|Pikachu}} out to battle, but before they could start {{TRT}} appeared to try to capture Pikachu. However, they caught Raichu instead. Raichu used {{m|Thunderbolt}} and {{m|Mega Kick}} to get out and knock Team Rocket over. It then appeared on stage for [[Cleavon Schpielbunk]]'s film, where they had to show off their dancing skills.
Later it was seen in the end of the movie with a battle between two sides. Raichu and Pikachu were in the middle using their {{t|Electric}} [[move|attacks]] to create a thunderstorm. However, Team Rocket appeared and captured all the Pokémon except [[Misty's Psyduck]], which freed them using {{m|Confusion}}.