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Poké Flute

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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Poké Flute XY018.png|200px250px|thumb|A Poké Flute in the anime]]
===In the main series===
A Poké Flute was used by the [[hippie]] in ''[[EP041|Wake Up Snorlax!]]''. He performed concerts with it in exchange for food. Later, he used it to help restart the flow of a river by waking up a Snorlax that was blocking the river.
===In Pokémon Origins===
[[File:Poké Flute PO.png|thumb|200px250px|The Poké Flute in Pokémon Origins]]
The Poké Flute was seen two times, although briefly, in [[Pokémon Origins]]. It first appeared close to the end of ''[[PO02|File 2: Cubone]]'', where Mr. Fuji gave it to {{OBP|Red|Origins}} as a thanks for saving him and the Pokémon Tower from Team Rocket. Red later used the Flute in ''[[PO03|File 3: Giovanni]]'' to wake up a Snorlax, which he then presumably {{pkmn2|caught}}.
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==In the manga==