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==In the anime==
[[File:Trip Xtransceiver.png|thumb|200px220px|[[Trip]]'s Xtransceiver in the anime]]
[[File:Battle Club Xtransceiver.png|thumb|left|200px220px|A Xtransceiver in the Battle Club computer]]
[[Trip]] was the first person seen with a Xtransceiver in the anime. It first appeared in ''[[BW010|A Rival Battle for Club Champ!]]'' where {{Ash}} contacted Trip on a built-in Xtransceiver in [[Luxuria Town]]'s [[Battle Club]] computer. It contacted Trip and Ash asked him for a battle.
Also, in the Japanese version of {{series|Best Wishes}}, there is a segment called [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]], a reference to the Japanese name of the Xtransceiver.
==In the manga==