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Oreburgh Mine

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The Oreburgh Mine is one of the main features in the city, as well as the city's leading energy source. It is the livelihood of the town. Vents in the town allow steam to escape and fresh air to enter the mine, likely also clearing the mine of any poison gas (which is historically the bane of coal miners). The mine is operated with the utmost care to avoid causing damage to the natural habitats of wild Pokémon. The system of taking coal out of the mine is automated. Roark lets Trainers from the town train their Pokémon in the mine. The mine itself extends not only under the town, but the seafloor as well. All of the miners have their own Pokémon, usually {{p|Machop}}, to assist them in the mine.
The first part of the cave is the entrance where there is a stairwell that will gradually make its way down to the underground cavern. There are steel drums and crates located around the area, as well as a small conveyor belt, that, in {{game|Platinum}} extends to the undersea floor.
{{Itemlist|X Defend|To the right of the main entrance|D=yes|P=yes|display={{DL|Battle Item|X Defend}}}}
{{Itemlist|Poké Ball|To the right of the main entrance|Pt=yes|display={{ball|Poké}}}}
{{Itemlist|Flame Plate|From a {{tc|Hiker}} who appears at the entrance if the player has an {{p|Arceus}}{{tt|*|Either one caught from the Hall of Origin or one obtained from an event distribution}} in their [[party]]|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Plate|Flame Plate}}}}
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The Oreburgh Mine was first mentioned in the anime in ''[[DP015|Shapes of Things to Come!]]'' by {{si|Ian}}, who informed {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} that [[Roark]] was coal-mining and exploring for hidden treasures. According to {{an|Brock}}, the coals in Oreburgh City are one of the richest in the world. Later, Ash and his friends arrived at the mine looking for Roark. {{TRT}} were also at the mine in disguise and pretending to dig for coal. When the company meet Roark, it is revealed that he is the foreman of the miners.
Oreburgh Mine also appeared in ''[[DP017|Wild in the Streets!]]'', where Ash was training his Pokémon against coal ore pillars after his loss to Roark the day before. At the same time, Team Rocket revived {{p|Armaldo}}, {{p|Kabutops}}, and {{p|Aerodactyl}} from the revival machines they had stolen. Eventually, [[Officer Jenny]] and the scientists cornered {{p|Armaldo}} and {{p|Kabutops}} at the Oreburgh Mine. Team Rocket and Aerodactyl also showed up at the mine. Ultimately, Team Rocket was defeated and the Pokémon were caught.
The Mines appeared again in ''[[DP107|Ancient Family Matters!]]'' in two flashbacks. In the first flashback, it was revealed that Roark's dad, [[Byron]], had left him as the Oreburgh Gym leader just as Roark was being assigned to lead the Ancient Pokémon Excavation Operations at the Oreburgh Mine. The second flashback showed Roark as a child, showing his father a [[Fossil]] of a {{p|Sunkern}} leaf at the Oreburgh Mine.