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{{main|Old Chateau}}
[[File:Old Chateau outside Pt.png|Lucas and Gardenia outside the Old Chateau in {{v2|Platinum}}|thumb|left]]
The [[Old Chateau]] is located in the north of the Eterna Forest, near the eastern entrance. To gain access to it, the player needs {{HM|01|Cut}}, which can only be used after defeating [[Gardenia]] in [[Eterna City]]. Inside one of its four bedrooms, there is a television, which, if interacted with at [[Time|night]] (only after obtaining the [[National Pokédex]] in {{v2|Diamond and Pearl|s}}), will initiate a {{pkmn|battle}} with the only obtainable {{p|Rotom}} in the game. In the manga, it is the most scary place in the Eterna Forest according to [[Gardenia]]; she also mentions about the shadowy ghosts and figurines residing inside the chateau.
Outside the old mansion, the {{DL|Plate|[[Insect Plate}}]] can be found hidden in the wall next to the [[Old Chateau]]. Inside the mansion contains a variety of rare items including a [[Rare Candy]], the {{DL|Plate|[[Dread Plate}}]], and the exclusive [[Old Gateau]].
Upon entering, the Old Chateau appears to be old and abandoned. The first room encountered is the foyer, which has two flights of stairs both leading to the first floor. There are also four bedrooms that can be accessed to by traveling further up the first floor. In one of the rooms there is a television that is on and displaying a plain, white, flickering screen. There is also a portrait in another room; glowing red eyes appear on it that will stare at people when their back is turned and will disappear when faced.
| [[File:Eterna Forest Pt.png|250px]]
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[[File:Eterna Forest anime.png|thumb|220px|Eterna Forest in the anime]]
[[File:Map of Eterna Forest anime.png|thumb|left|220px|Cheryl's map of Eterna Forest. ''X'' marks the potential location of Amber Castle]]
The Eterna Forest was first featured in ''[[DP030|Some Enchanted Sweetening]]'', where {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} meet [[Cheryl]], a treasure hunter in search of the [[Honey|Enchanted Honey]] that is said to lie within the [[Amber Castle]]. Cheryl catches a male {{TP|Cheryl|Burmy}} to help her in this quest, but {{TRT}} soon seize Burmy for their own plans. Ash, Cheryl and the group manage to rescue Burmy, which evolves into {{TP|Cheryl|Mothim}}.
In ''[[DP031|The Grass-Type Is Always Greener!]]'', Ash and the group help Cheryl search for the Amber Castle deep in the Eterna Forest, and meet [[Gardenia]], who challenges Ash to a battle. Gardenia wins, and decides to help the group search for a spot where she knows where {{p|Combee}} gather to form a Combee Wall.
In ''[[DP032|An Angry Combeenation!]]'', the group spot their first Combee Walls, and eventually make their way to the Amber Castle with Mothim's keen sense of smell. After defeating Team Rocket who were attempting to steal the Enchanted Honey, Cheryl receives a gift of Enchanted Honey for helping {{p|Vespiquen}} and the Combee.
* Eterna Forest is known in Diamond and Pearl as "the place where time stands still". As such, it is impossible to evolve {{p|Eevee}} into either of its [[time]]-based [[evolution]]s, {{p|Espeon}} and {{p|Umbreon}}. Similarly to {{rt|217|Sinnoh}}, Eevee will only evolve into {{p|Leafeon}} here, due to the presence of the [[Moss Rock]].
** However, the light does change during the day (from morning to day, day to evening, evening to night, night to morning).
* A {{tc|Bug Catcher}} in front of the Eterna Forest will say there are lots of {{type|Poison}} Pokémon found there. However, only five Poison-type Pokémon can be encountered there, two of which can only be obtained by [[dual-slot mode]] ({{p|Weedle}} and {{p|Kakuna}}) and another two which do not learn any Poison-type moves via leveling up ({{p|Gastly}} and {{p|Budew}}). However, Budew can have the ability {{a|Poison Point}}.
** Additionally, all Poison-type Pokémon found here are dual-types with Poison as their secondary type.
* All [[Generation III]] games with the exception of {{game3|Ruby and Sapphire|Pokémon Sapphire|s}} activate [[dual-slot mode]] within the Eterna Forest.