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In the games
When the Aether Building is raided by [[Team Skull]], Hau manages to win a battle against a {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}, but says that battles he can't afford to lose aren't any fun. Before the player returns from [[Po Town]], Hau loses a critical battle against Team Skull Admin [[Plumeria]] when she and her grunts kidnaps [[Lillie]], and is left depressed and in doubt of his own skills because of this.
Hau joins the player and Gladion in their attempt to rescue Lillie and her {{p|Cosmog}} from the [[Aether Foundation]]. He is constantly irritated by Gladion's orders and lack of explaining, but manages to take down several {{tc|Aether Foundation Employee}} with him and the player before reaching Lillie. He is surprised when Lusamine reveals that Lillie and Gladion were her children. When [[Lusamine]] attempts to open up the [[Ultra Beast]]s wormholes, Gladion orders Hau to keep [[Guzma]] busy while he deals with the recently-arrived {{p|Nihilego}}, but Lusamine and Guzma managesmanage to achieve their objective and escape.
When the player is about to travel to [[Poni Island]], Hau expresses his intention to hold back the island challenge and train himself with Hala instead, finding himself not sufficiently strong enough yet. When the player is about to enter the {{al|Pokémon League}} building, Hau catches up to them and challenges the player to another battle. Upon losing, Hau reaffirms his determination to get stronger, and spurs the player on for his Pokémon League challenge. The day after the player becomes the {{pkmn|Champion}}, Lillie departs for [[Kanto]] without having been able to say it to the player and Hau, who is devastated by this and is left in tears after Lillie's ship has left.