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[[File:Brussel Ribbon.png|thumb|left|220px|The Brussel Ribbon]]
It was featured in ''[[DP155|Double-Time Battle Training!]]'', in which {{Ash}}, {{an|Dawn}}, and {{an|Brock}} arrived there to see [[Zoey]] participating in the town's [[Pokémon Contest]]. They arrived late and only saw the final round, where Zoey and her {{TP|Zoey|Glameow}} managed to defeat {{OBP|Rebecca|DP155}} and her {{p|Shuckle}}. This victory gave Zoey herthe fifthBrussel [[Ribbon]], her fifth Contest Ribbon overall. It was revealed that [[Jessilina]] had also entered the Brussel Contest, but lostthe beforeposition theshe finished in is finalsunknown.
After Zoey's victory, [[Candice]] threw a party to celebrate her friend's entry into the [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]]. In the next day, both Zoey and Candice helped Dawn practice a new [[Contest combination|combination]] she intended to use in the {{to|Daybreak}} Contest, which would follow the [[Double Performance]] format. Zoey and Dawn later had a [[Double Battle]], with Zoey using her {{p|Leafeon}} and {{p|Kirlia}} against [[Dawn's Mamoswine]] and {{TP|Dawn|Cyndaquil}}. Zoey emerged victorious after Dawn's Pokémon were [[Fainting|knocked out]].