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Dub edits
===Dub edits===
* [[Pikachu's Jukebox]]: [[Viridian City (song)|Viridian City]]
* The word ''ougi'' (奥義), or "esoteric techniques", is translated as "secret" in the dub.
* Throughout the episode, {{wp|dango}} is consistently referred to as "muskrat meatballs" and "meat kabobs".
* In the original, Brock expresses his admiration of the giant Onix, while Misty tells him now isn't the time to act so impressed. In the dub, he says he'd like to study him, and Misty quips that maybe he can if they survive.
* In the original, Bruno exposes his façade by making a pun on 奥義 (esoteric technique) and 扇 (folding fan), while in the dub he says the lesson is to always bring a fork when going camping. Also, Bruno's rice porridge is referred to as his "Bruno stew" in the dub.
* In the original, Jessie tells Meowth that they have a secret weapon, and Meowth says that's just their usual bazooka. In the dub, she tells him they have something "Onix-pected", and Meowth says that joke is "Onix-cceptable".
* In the last scene of the original, the Rocket trio pretends they're narrating a nature show, while in the dub they make rock puns instead.
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