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James's Weezing

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===[[Original series]]===
[[File:James Koffing.png|left|thumb|200px|As a {{p|Koffing}}]]
James received Koffing already captured for the last {{jwp|歳暮|oseibo}} before he met Ash. It is unknown who gifted it to him.
Weezing first appeared in ''[[EP002|Pokémon Emergency!]]'' as a {{p|Koffing}}. Throwing their [[Poké Ball]]s down from their [[Team Rocket's mechas|Meowth balloon]], [[Jessie]] and James used both it and [[Jessie's Ekans]] to quickly overtake the defenseless {{ci|Viridian}} [[Pokémon Center]]. Koffing's job was to create a {{m|Smokescreen}} while Ekans destroyed the computers. Chasing everyone into the back room, Koffing and Ekans accompany their Trainers in intimidating the others, which causes Misty to decide to battle Team Rocket. This is a failed effort, however, as both of them manage to catch up to Ash in no time at all. Just then, [[Nurse Joy]]'s {{p|Pikachu}} came out and healed Ash's Pikachu with a {{m|Thunder Shock}} attack, while at the same time attacking the [[Team Rocket trio]]. Giving Ash's Pikachu enough power to stand up, Ash charged-up Pikachu using Misty's charred bike, and he let him have his own Thunder Shock. As the group are being electrocuted, Koffing releases a stream of {{m|Smog}} from one of the craters on its body, and the electricity climbs up the toxic gas, causing the entire Pokémon Center to explode, and sending Team Rocket blasting off.
[[File:James and Weezing.png|thumb|200px|Weezing and James]]