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Fennekin (Pokémon)

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Major appearances
====[[Aria's Fennekin]]====
A Fennekin appeared in ''[[XY021|A PokéVision of Things to Come!]]'', under the ownership of {{an|Aria}}. Aria's Fennekin was revealed to have evolved into Braixen duringbefore ''[[XY040|Day Three Blockbusters!]]'', andwhich then evolved into Delphox duringbefore ''[[XY064|Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!]]''
A [[Mirror World]] {{DL|Mirror Serena|Fennekin}} appeared in ''[[XY037|The Cave of Mirrors!]]'', under the ownership of [[Mirror Serena]]. ItBefore wasthe revealedevents of the episode , toit havehad battled [[Mirror Ash]]'s {{DL|Mirror Ash|Froakie}} in a flashback and won. andIt was later used again in battle, nowthis time against the {{Ash}} of the regular world and his {{AP|Froakie}}, but it was defeated. Later, Mirror Serena sent her out to break the glass cages in which {{TRT}} had captured both {{p|Pikachu}}.
===Minor appearances===