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Ash's Torkoal

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In ''[[AG131|At the End of the Fray]]'', Ash used Torkoal as his second Pokémon in his Full Battle against {{ho|Tyson}} in the Victory Tournament, it went up against his {{p|Shiftry}} which had a type-advantage. Torkoal used multiple Flamethrower attacks, but Shiftry used his agility to dodge them all, it then hit Torkoal with its {{m|Mega Kick}}, Shiftry used {{m|Shadow Ball}}, knocking Torkoal back, Torkoal used Flamethrower again but Shiftry jumped and dodged, however Torkoal jumped as well, allowing Flamethrower to hit knocking Shiftry to the ground, defeating the Wicked Pokémon. Then it went up against Tyson's {{p|Hariyama}}, Torkoal used Flamethrower, but Hariyama used {{m|Arm Thrust}}, blocking the attack and allowing it to move closer, with Hariyama being assisted by its {{a|Thick Fat}} ability, which halved the power of {{type|Fire}} attacks. Hariyama got close enough to Torkoal and used {{m|Brick Break}} on it, knocking it out causing Torkoal to be defeated by the Arm Thrust Pokémon.
====Kanto Battle Frontier====
In ''[[AG133|The Right Place and the Right Mime]]'', Torkoal met the rest of Ash's Pokémon back in [[Kanto]] at Professor Oak's laboratory, striking up a quick friendship with {{AP|Cyndaquil}}. After Ash decided to challenge the {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}}, he left Torkoal and {{AP|Glalie}} with the rest of his Pokémon.
====Kanto Battle Frontier====
Torkoal was brought back to Ash's team in ''[[AG186|Overjoyed!]]'' to battle {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}'s {{DL|Brandon's legendary titans|Registeel}}, having mastered Heat Wave during its time at Oak's lab. It managed to hit a Flamethrower and a Body Slam, impressing [[Scott]], but failing to do any significant damage to Registeel. Registeel jumped onto the offensive with {{m|Zap Cannon}}, which Torkoal blocked, but after using {{m|Lock-On}}, Torkoal was forced to defend itself with Iron Defense. Torkoal avoided taking too much damage but was {{status|Paralysis|paralyzed}}. Torkoal used Body Slam, and managed to transfer the paralysis to Registeel, preventing Brandon from countering with {{m|Metal Claw}}. Registeel threw Torkoal, but Torkoal used the wall to re-direct another Body Slam.