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Misty's Togetic

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'''Misty's Togetic''' evolved([[List fromof Japanese Pokémon names|Japanese]]: トゲチック ''Togechick'') was found as an egg by [[Ash Ketchum]]. Ash, [[Misty's]], Togepi[[Brock]] inand [[Meowth]] fought over the AGegg episodeand "Acompeted Togepito Mirage".determine who Itwould evolvedbe intothe {{p|Togetic}}eventual toowner. defendWhen the [[Togepi Paradise]]Pokémon inhatched, the Miragefirst ofthing Mirageit Kingdomsaw was Misty, and it chose her as it's trainer, it hatched as a {{p|Togepi}}.
Although Togepi appeared harmless, it sometimes used {{m|Metronome}} to get out of dangerous situations.
It evolved into a Togetic to defend the [[Togepi Paradise]] in the episode Mirage of Mirage Kingdom.
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For more information on this Pokémon's species, see {{p|Togetic}}.
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