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That night, Ash and his friends are taking a bath in some hot water outside. Misty says that she can't understand why the Pokémon wouldn't come out of their Poké Balls. Ash asks Pikachu why that is, and Pikachu points to where the Diglett are. Ash and friends follow them. While they are following the Diglett, they pass by the foreman who keeps trying to hit the Diglett with a hammer. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is reading about how to evolve their Pokémon, and find out that Pokémon must have a lot of experience before they can evolve. They say that Pokémon change when they evolve, and that they've known both Koffing and Ekans for a long time. They ask how can they evolve them as they hug the Pokémon. As Team Rocket hugs their Pokémon and cry, their tears touch both Pokémon as they turn white and begin to evolve. Meowth comments that their time to evolve is now. The evolved forms were not yet shown to the viewers at this stage. Ash and his friends continue to follow the Diglett that are bringing small trees to a mountain range just for Diglett and {{p|Dugtrio}}.
Ash and his friends look on as they see Dugtrio dig around, and Diglett planting the trees. Ash scans Dugtrio with his Pokédex. Brock comments that it must be Diglett and Dugtrio's home. He explains that they play and work together on that mountain range, with Dugtrio plowing through the ground, and Diglett planting the trees. He also explains that the whole mountain range was built by them, and that maybe more gardens, forests, and mountain ranges across the world were also built by Diglett and Dugtrio. The foreman (who apparently followed Ash and co. to the mountain clearing) comments that if they finish the dam, then the whole mountain range would get flooded and no Pokémon would be able to live there. They realize that the Pokémon figured that out before they did, and that's why they wouldn't come out of their Poké Balls. Brock comments that they have a lot to learn about the ways of the Pokémon. The foreman decides that they will stop their work on the dam, as Diglett and Dugtrio continue working in the garden.
Team Rocket shows up and does their motto as Meowth interrupts them by saying that they know the rest. Ash tells them that they are not in the mood to deal with them today. Jessie says that they are in a good enough mood to share with them a special treat. As they wear Japanese outfits, hold fans, and fireworks go off above, they begin to introduce their new Pokémon. Jessie introduces her new Pokémon, as her Ekans has evolved into {{p|Arbok}}. James introduces his new Pokémon, as his Koffing has evolved into {{p|Weezing}}. Music plays in the background, and fireworks go off, as Team Rocket prepares to attack. Ash brings out Squirtle, {{AP|Charmander}}, and {{AP|Bulbasaur}} to attack them. Weezing attacks with {{m|Smog}}, and Pikachu uses {{m|Thunderbolt}} but Arbok dodges the attack. Arbok digs underground, while Weezing follows it. Diglett and Dugtrio say their name a few times, with Team Rocket saying it once. Underground the Diglett and Dugtrio are beating up Arbok and Weezing, as they come out of the ground with bumps and are knocked out. Diglett and Dugtrio pop out of the ground, and form a tall group of them with mud. Team Rocket looks scared, as the group comes toward them. Team Rocket and their Pokémon ride on top of the Diglett and Dugtrio group and act as if they are surfing. Team Rocket sees the dam up ahead, and crash into it and hit the ground hard.