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5F TM Corner: Headbutt is just like Rock Smash, probably just no one's actually checked it before. You don't have to use them, though
{{shop|Generation II}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|TM41|3000|PD||TM Electric|ThunderPunch}}|{{shopitem|TM48|3000|PD||TM Fire|Fire Punch}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|TM33|3000|PD||TM Ice|Ice Punch}}|{{shopitem|TM02|2000|PD||TM Normal|Headbutt|note=<br><small>Must have received TM02 from [[Ilex Forest]] first</small>}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|TM08|1000|PD|5=TM Fighting|6=Rock Smash|note=<br><small>Must have received and used TM08 onfrom {{rt|36|Johto}} first</small>}}}}
{{shop|Generation IV}}