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Tohjo Falls

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Name origin
===Name origin===
The Japanese name トージョウ shows that the location of the falls is a boundary between the two [[region]]s: at the end of カン'''トー''' and the beginning of '''ジョウ'''ト. This naming convention is popular in Japan, as in 京葉 (Keiyō; named for 東'''京''' and 千'''葉''') and 東名 (Tōmei; named for '''東'''京 and '''名'''古屋). Its English name can also be taken as an anagram of ''Johto''. Its Korean name is a portmanteau of 관'''동''' ''Gwan'''dong''''' (Kan'''to''') and '''성'''도 '''''Seong'''do'' ('''Joh'''to), while its Chinese name is both an inversion of 城都 ''Chéngdū'' (Johto) and a portmanteau of 關'''都''' ''Guān'''dū''''' (Kan'''to''') and '''城'''都 '''''Chéng'''dū''.
==In other languages==