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Colosseum 2: Petit Cup levels seem to be a copypasta from Pika Cup
Yellow debuted a new link battle mode, Colosseum 2. In Colosseum 2, players can select from several battle modes:
* [[Pika Cup]] (for Pokémon between [[level]]s 15 to 20 only; their combined level limit is 50)
* [[Petit Cup]] (for Pokémon between levels 1525 to 2030, heightswith undera height no more than 6'807" (2 m), and weightsweight lessno more than 44.1 lbs. (20 kg) only)
* [[Poké Cup]] (for Pokémon between levels 50 to 55 only, and the sum of all entered Pokémon's Levels cannot exceed 155; {{p|Mew}} is not allowed).
These three cups would later become standard cups in Western{{eng|Pokémon Stadium}} (known as Pokémon Stadium 2 in Japan).
In addition, in the Japanese versions, {{m|Blizzard}}'s chance to {{status|freeze}} in Colosseum 2 is changed to 10% rather than the usual 30%. Blizzard's chance to freeze is always 10% in the [[Pokémon Stadium series]] and the Western releases of the Generation I games.