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Dub edits
* Lily starts narrating the ballet's plot earlier in the dub; in the original she starts by saying she's more worthy for the role but is being kind by giving it to Misty.
* When Brock and Ash are applauding the ballet rehearsal, they specifically complement the prince and the Seel respectively in the dub. In the original they simply complemented the story in general.
* James’ quip that “next time [they’ll] steal men’s close”clothes” was originally just a remark on the magnificence of their plan.
* The sign that says “Metamon Coffee & Tea” had the word {{tt|Metamon|Ditto}} digitally erased from it.
* In the final exchange of the dub, Ash complements Misty’s performance while Misty tells him flattery won’t make her forget about her destroyed [[Bicycle|bike]]. In the original, Ash reaffirms his original suspicion of the gym while Misty tells him not to think much of it.