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* Level it up (when it is purified, it gains all the exp. accumulated as a Shadow Pokémon).
* Evolve it (evolves when gaining exp.)
* Use a {{DL|Vitamin|[[Rare Candy}}]] on it.
* Change the order of its moves.
* Delete its moves.
[[File:Pokkén Shadow Mewtwo.png|thumb|230px|Shadow Mewtwo in Pokkén Tournament]]
===[[Pokkén Tournament]]===
In November 2015, a new character called Shadow Mewtwo (Japanese: '''ダークミュウツー''' ''Dark Mewtwo'') was revealed for [[Pokkén Tournament]], notably having the same prefix as the Shadow Pokémon in Colosseum and XD in both Japanese and English. In the past, [[Anne (game){{ga|Anne]]}} was almost possessed by a [[Synergy Stone|Shadow Synergy Stone]] but was saved by Mewtwo, whom the Shadow Synergy Stone took control of and merged with instead. Under the influence of the Shadow Synergy Stone, Shadow Mewtwo traveled around [[Ferrum]], draining Gaia power from the normal Synergy Stones and continually increasing its own power. Shadow Mewtwo is eventually defeated in battle by the player, after which Anne uses the power of the Synergy Stone contained in her brooch to separate the Shadow Synergy Stone from Mewtwo and restore it to normal.