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Trick Room (move)

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Trick Room reverses the move order within each [[Priority|priority bracket]] so that Pokémon with a lower {{stat|Speed}} stat attack first, while those with a higher Speed stat will attack last. Individual brackets are still maintained; moves in higher priority brackets still work before moves in lower ones regardless of Trick Room. This effect lasts for five turns, and using Trick Room counts as the first turn. Similar to {{m|Magic Room}} and {{m|Wonder Room}}, using Trick Room while it is already in effect will end it immediately.
Effects that alter the order of specific priority brackets override Trick Room. Therefore, Pokémon holding {{DL|Incense|[[Full Incense}}]] or {{DL|In-battle effect item|[[Lagging Tail}}]] and Pokémon with {{a|Stall}} will go last in their priority bracket regardless of their Speed stat. Pokémon activating {{DL|In-battle effect item|[[Quick Claw}}]] will go first in their priority bracket.
Trick Room has a [[priority]] of -7, so will be used after all moves with a normal priority.