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Jō's Feraligatr

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When Jō and Totodile were in Team Rocket's base. Totodile took on Team Rocket's Pokémon and was joined by Tsubaki's Chikorita who was now a {{p|Meganium}}. They had their second rival battle with the results almost being the same as last time with Meganium giving Totodile problems. Totodile managed to pull through and defeated Meganium with Ice Fang. Totodile, along with Meganium, continued their battle with Team Rocket, showing a newfound respect for each other. After the Team Rocket grunts's Pokémon were subdued, Archer sent out his {{p|Houndoom}} to deal with them. Totodile quickly defeated Houndoom though.
[[File:Jou and Feraligatr.png|thumb|200px|Feraligatr and Feraligatr]]
After Team Rocket's defeat, Totodile was shown battling the Johto Elite Four where it managed to sweep all four members including [[Karen]]'s {{p|Umbreon}}. Doing so unlocked the Champion room where the champion was none other than Lance. Totodile dealt with Lance's {{p|Charizard}} first. Charizard's attacks started to overwhelm Totodile but Totodile still fought hard. During the battle, Jō gave Totodile a good luck charm, which allowed it to defeat Charizard with {{m|Aqua Tail}}. Totodile's next opponent was {{p|Dragonite}}. Dragonite was far stronger than Totodile, since it could resist attacks from Totodile and the moves Dragonite used were powerful. Dragonite's strength overwhelmed Totodile so much that it was almost over. Just when Totodile got finished off by Dragonite's {{m|Hyper Beam}}, flashbacks of the battle occurred which made Totodile get back up. Totodile removed its good luck charm and got back in the battle. Totodile jumped and landed an {{m|Ice Fang}} on Dragonite, taking it out.