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The Items pocket contains all items that are not put in another pocket. Some items in the Items pocket are below.
* [[Escape Rope]]s are used to return to the entrance of a cave or dungeon.
* [[Escape item]]s, such as {{DL|Escape item|[[Poké Doll}}]] and {{DL|Escape item|[[Fluffy Tail}}]], provide easy escape from a wild Pokémon.
* [[Evolutionary stone]]s are used to evolve certain species of Pokémon.
* [[Valuable item|Valuable]] and [[exchangeable item]]s have no purpose other than to help the player obtain other goods or be sold. Examples include [[Coin]]s, [[Apricorn]]s, and [[Shard]]s.
===Held items===
{{main|Held item}}
Since [[Generation II]], certain items have been able to be held by Pokémon to heal or to enhance their power. Healing items can be used in battle without taking up a turn, but must be natural for them to work. Artificial items such as [[Potion]]s and {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Full Heal}}]]s cannot be used by Pokémon during battle. Held items also have other uses, such as an aid to evolve during trading or battle. [[Mail]] was also introduced as a hold item, in which players could send customizable messages with their Pokémon upon trading.
==In the TCG==