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Quotes: Missing quotes about the Sevii Island quest
In [[Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions]], Bill is in the same area as in the original games. However, he also appears on [[Cinnabar Island]] asking for help in the [[Sevii Islands]] shortly after [[Blaine]] is defeated. While on [[One Island]], he introduces the player to [[Celio]].
{{incomplete|section|Needs;[[Kanto quotesRoute from his role around the Sevii25|Route Islands}}25]]
:''"Hiya! I'm a <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>mon</sc>... ...No I'm not! Call me <sc>Bill</sc>! I'm a true-blue <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>maniac</sc>! Hey! What's with that skeptical look? I'm not joshing you, {{tt|pal|If player is a male}}/{{tt|lady|If player is a female}}. I screwed up an experiment and got combined with a <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>mon</sc>! So, how about it? Help me out there!"''
:''"{{tt|No!? Now don't be so cold! Come on, you gotta help a guy in deep, deep trouble! What do you say, chief/beautiful? Please? Okay? All right!|If player refuses}} Wait till I get inside the <sc>Teleporter</sc>. When I do, go to my PC and run the Cell Separation System."''
*After returning to his house
:''"Feel like checking out some of my rare <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>mon</sc> on my PC? Go on, check out my PC."''
;[[Cinnabar Island]]
*After defeating Blaine
:''"Huh? Hey, if it isn't <player>! Look, it's me, <sc>Bill</sc>. Long time no see! I hope you're still using my PC system. Well, listen, since we met up here, how about spending time with me? There's this little island in the far south called <sc>One Island</sc>. A friend invited me, so I'm on my way out there. How about it? Do you feel like coming with me?
::'''No''': ''"What, are you too busy? Well, all right. The boat hasn't arrived yet anyway. I'll be waiting at the <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>mon Center</sc> over there. Come see me when you're done with your business here."''
::'''Yes''': ''"All right, then. Let's go!"''
::''"Looks like my pal's boat arrived, too. He sent it specially here to <sc>Cinnabar</sc> to pick me up."''
*In the Pokémon Center, if the player declined the offer
:''"Hey, you kept me waiting! Ready to set sail to <sc>One Island</sc>?
::'''No''': ''"Oh, you're still not done yet?''"
::'''Yes''': ''"Well, that's it. Let's go!"''
::''"Looks like my pal's boat arrived, too. He sent it specially here to <sc>Cinnabar</sc> to pick me up."''
*After returning from One Island
:''"Hey, wasn't that a long cruise? My buddy <sc>Celio</sc> seemed to enjoy your company. I'm sure he'd welcome you if you were to visit him again. If you have a <sc>Tri-Pass</sc>, you can always take a ferry there from <sc>Vermilion Port</sc>. All right, thanks for your company!"''
;[[One Island Town|One Island]]
:''"Here we are! This is <sc>One Island</sc>. There are several islands around here, and this is one of them. My friend <sc>Celio</sc> sent the boat to fetch me here. He's in charge of the island's PC network by his lonesome. ...Why am I telling you this now? Let's just go see <sc>Celio</sc>!"''
;[[Pokémon Network Center]]
*Upon the player's arrival
:''"Hey, there! <sc>Celio</sc>!"''
:''"Well, absolutely! How's your research coming along? ...Oh, wait a sec. <Player>, this is my buddy <sc>Celio</sc>. He's one dedicated PC <sc>Maniac</sc>! <sc>Celio</sc>, this is <player>, a rising contender as the <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>mon Champ</sc>!"''
:''"So, bring me up to speed. How's your machine running?"''
:''"Oh, yeah? Okay, let me take a look-see. ...Hand on here... I think we can make it work. Let me help you, okay? <Player>, can I get you to wait for me just a bit? ...Actually, can I get you to do me a favor? The island next to this one's called <sc>Two Island</sc>. There's a guy there that runs a <sc>Game Corner</sc>. He has this thing for rare rocks and gems. We keep in touch, being fellow maniacs. So, can I get you to deliver this <sc>Meteorite</sc> to him?"''
:''"I'll catch you later! Say hi to the guy for me!"''
*If talked to before visiting Three Island
:''"Hmm... How about we try this like this..."''
*After visiting Three Island, before rescuing Lostelle
:''"Oh, hey, <player>! Did you see? We got the PC working! I've got a few things to show <sc>Celio</sc> here. Can you go out on a stroll or something for a little more?"''
*After rescuing Lostelle
:''"Oh, hey! <Player!>"''
:''"What kept you so long? Been out having a good time? We got it done. The PCs are up and running!"''
:''"No, no! There was almost nothing left for me to do. <sc>Celio</sc>, I have to hand it to you. You've learned a lot."''
:''"Well, there you have it. I'm finished with the job. We should head back to <sc>Kanto</sc>. <sc>Celio</sc>, I'll be seeing you again."''
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