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Mega Evolution
Shocked by their loss, the villainous pair has no choice but to flee the island, after which Steven restores your team to full health. Latios{{sup/6|OR}}/Latias{{sup/6|AS}} has been saved, and the grateful Pokémon repays you by joining you in your travels! You may need to send a party Pokémon to the PC to make room for the {{2t|Dragon|Psychic}} type. The legendary Pokémon even brings its [[Mega Stone]], the {{DL|Mega Stone|Latiosite}}{{sup/6|OR}}/{{DL|Mega Stone|Latiasite}}{{sup/6|AS}}, along with it! Steven gives you the [[Mega Bracelet]], which you immediately equip. The [[Key Stone]] embedded in it will allow you to temporarily [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]] certain Pokémon during battle, given that they hold the appropriate Mega Stone. The process may change a Pokémon's stats, Ability, or even type, making them much more formidable for the rest of the battle. Now that you've chased off Team Magma{{sup/6|OR}}/Team Aqua{{sup/6|AS}}, you and Steven catch a ride back to {{rt|118|Hoenn}}, where he leaves you to continue your journey.
Also if you have an [[Eon Ticket]], whicha youkey item that can generallybe getobtained fromthrough [[StreetPass]], you can make a [[Appendix:Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire walkthrough/Eon Ticket walkthrough|return trip]] to catch the other Eon Pokémon.