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Petalburg Gym
Afterwards, your father awards you the {{badge|Balance}}, which ensures the obedience of all Pokémon up to level 60 and enables the use of {{m|Surf}} in the field. He also hands you {{TM|67|Retaliate}} as a gift. Norman then leads you outside, where the two of you run into [[Wally]] and his father as they are visiting the city. After a short discussion about Wally and his improving health, his father gives you {{HM|03|Surf}} as thanks for helping the young Trainer. In battle, {{m|Surf}} is a strong {{type|Water}} attack that hits all adjacent Pokemon; in the field, it allows you to cross bodies of water. Norman says that you should now be able to handle the stronger opponents on [[Hoenn]]'s east coast, beyond {{rt|118|Hoenn}}. The two Trainers set off for [[Mauville City]] to prepare, and the two fathers have another short discussion.
==Route 118==