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Appendix:Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire walkthrough/Section 10

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Petalburg City
In the final room, your father has been waiting for you. Now that you have earned four other Badges, he is now ready to accept your challenge. [[Norman]] leads with the first of his two {{p|Slaking}}. Slaking usually leads with {{m|Yawn}}; if you switch out your Pokémon to keep it from falling {{status|Sleep|asleep}}, your next Pokémon will be safe from attack. This is due to Slaking's Ability, {{a|Truant}}, which prevents it from attacking every other turn. However, his {{p|Vigoroth}} has no such problem. When it appears in battle, use {{m|Protect}} or {{m|Detect}} to avoid serious damage from its {{m|Retaliate}} move, which doubles in power if its ally was defeated a turn earlier. His third Pokémon's {{m|Chip Away}} move ignores the target's stat changes, like {{stat|Defense}} boosts from moves like {{m|Bulk Up}} or {{m|Iron Defense}}. While {{t|Ghost}} Pokémon are usually unaffected by Normal-type attacks, and vice-versa, Norman's entire team can use {{m|Feint Attack}} to deal serious damage to such Pokémon. However, if you have any Pokemon that know the move {{m|Protect}}, Norman's two {{p|Slaking}} can be easily defeated due to their {{a|Truant}} ability.
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