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Differences in the Virtual Console release
| {{pcolor|Jynx|000}}'s recolored<br>Virtual Console sprite
The Nintendo 3DS [[Virtual Console]] releases can [[#Connectivity|link]] with other Virtual Console Generation I and II core series games via Nintendo 3DS wireless communication, simulating the [[Game Link Cable]]. When initiating a link, the Virtual Console menu on the touch screen replaces the Cable Club attendant's dialogue. Additionally, all of the [[Game Boy Printer]] features are disabled, although the option still appears in the PC menu: when selected, the game acts as if the printing is in progress, even though, in reality, nothing is happening.
Using [[Poké Transporter]], Pokémon can be sent from the Generation I core series games to [[Pokémon Bank]], and from Pokémon Bank, they can then be moved to [[Generation VII]] core series games.