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Last Resort (move)

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|n=387 |
|name=Last Resort |
|jname=とっておき |
|jtrans={{tt|The Best|in the sense of 'saving the best for last'}} |
|gameimage=Last Resort.png |
|gameimage2=Last Resort 2.png |
|gameimagewidth=300px |300
|type=Normal |
|damagecategory=Physical |
|basepp=5 |
|maxpp=8 |
|power={{tt|140|130 in Generation IV}} |
|accuracy=100 |
bdesc=??? |category=Cute
category=Cute |appeal=0
appeal|jam=0 |
jam|cdesc=0+1 |if first to appeal
cdesc=+1 if first to appeal |appealsc=0
appealsc|scdesc=0Earn |a higher score the later the Pokémon performs.
scdesc=Earn a higher score the later the Pokémon performs. |appeal6=1
appeal6=1 |jam6=0
jam6|cdesc6=0Works |well if the user is pumped up.
cdesc6=Works well if the user is pumped up. |touches=yes
pokefordex=Last%20Resort |protect=yes
touches=yes |magiccoat=no
protect=yes |snatch=no
magiccoat=no |mirrormove=yes
snatch=no |kingsrock=yes
brightpowder=yes |sound=no
kingsrock|mtpt=yes |
flag7=no |mths=yes
flag8=no |mtb2w2=yes
sound=no |mtoras=yes
target=anyadjacent |
footnotes= }}
'''Last Resort''' (Japanese: '''とっておき''' ''{{tt|The Best|in the sense of 'saving the best for last'}}'') is a damage-dealing {{type|Normal}} [[move]] introduced in [[Generation IV]]. It can be upgraded to the special [[Z-Move]] {{m|Extreme Evoboost}} by {{p|Eevee}} holding {{DL|Z-Crystal|Eevium Z}}.
===Generation IV===
Last Resort inflicts damage and has no secondary effect. Last Resort will fail unless the Pokémon has used all of its other moves at least once while on the field. Using a move before switching out and back in does not count towards being able to use Last Resort. Last Resort will fail if it is the only move the user knows, or if the user does not know Last Resort (such as if it is {{cat|Moves that call other moves|called indirectly}}).
===Generation V onward===
==In other generations==
===Core series games===
|genIV=Last Resort IV|
|genV=Last Resort V|
===Spin-off series games===
|PBR=Last Resort PBR