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Paul's Electivire

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[[Paul]] had it as an {{p|Elekid}} during his first appearance in ''[[DP003|When Pokémon Worlds Collide!]]''. He used it in a battle against {{Ash}} and his {{AP|Pikachu}}. After a fierce battle, both Pokémon [[Fainting|fainted]] and the battle ended up in a draw. In Paul's ''[[DP051|Glory Blaze!]]'' flashback, it was seen with Paul catching his {{p|Ninjask}}, shortly before he {{pkmn2|caught}} {{AP|Chimchar}}.
Paul used it in his battle against [[Roark]] in ''[[DP015|Shapes of Things to Come!]]'', first using it against his {{p|Geodude}}. Paul had Elekid start with a [[Damage|super-effective]] Brick Break, which ended up being powerful enough to defeat Geodude in one hit. Elekid next went up against his {{p|Onix}}. Onix proved to be a tougher fight for Elekid, dodging its attacks and breaking through Elekid's Protect. Paul decided to recall Elekid to conserve its strength, but not before its {{a|Static}} Ability activated, paralyzing Onix.
Paul later sent Elekid out against Roark's last Pokémon {{TP|Roark|Cranidos}}, with Elekid being damaged by the Stealth Rock laid down by Onix before. Roark told Cranidos to use Flamethrower, which Elekid dodged before smashing its fist right into Cranidos' knee and causing it to reel back in pain as Static activates. Cranidos shook off the static however with its own Ability {{a|Mold Breaker}}. However, just as Cranidos was about to attack, the knee injury that Elekid had gave it kicked in, making it an easy target for Elekid's Thunder Punch attack which smashed right into Cranidos' head. Cranidos used Zen Headbutt and Elekid used Brick Break, causing an explosion to happen. After the smoke cleared Elekid was the one standing, winning the battle for Paul.