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===In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum===
[[File:Bag Poké Radar Sprite.png|frame|right]]
The Poké Radar is obtained from [[Professor Rowan]] in his lab immediately after receiving the [[National Pokédex]] from [[Professor Oak]]; however, he will not explain how it works very thoroughly. In {{game|Platinum}}, once the player talkestalks to Dawn/Lucas's sister about [[Pokémon outbreak]]s, Dawn/Lucas will give a more practical demonstration on {{rt|202|Sinnoh}}.
In these games only, the player can encounter certain Pokémon with the Poké Radar that would not be normally found on that route; these Pokémon are often not native to the [[Sdex|Sinnoh regional Pokédex]]. For example, the Poké Radar is the only way to encounter a {{p|Nidoran♀}} on [[Sinnoh Route 201|Route 201]].