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Haban Berry

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Intro: format; +GenVII description
{{BerryPrevNext | prev=Kasib | next=Colbur}}
|snum=49 |
|name=Haban |
|jname=ハバン |
|tmname=Haban |
|size=0.9 |
|sizecm=2.3 |
|firm=Soft |
|desc4=If a large enough volume of this Berry is boiled down, its bitterness fades away. It makes a good jam. |
effect|d4=HalvesA thePoffin [[damage]]ingredient. takenIf fromheld by a [[Damage#SuperPokémon, it weakens a foe's effective|supereffective]] Dragon-type attack.{{typesup/4|DragonDPPt}}<br/>If [[move]].held by a Pokémon, it weakens a foe’s supereffective Dragon-type attack.{{sup/4|HGSS}}
d4|d5=A Poffin ingredient. If held byWeakens a Pokémon,supereffective<!--no it weakens a foe's supereffectivespace--> Dragon-type attack.{{sup/4|DPPt}}<br/>If heldagainst bythe aholding Pokémon, it weakens a foe’s supereffective Dragon-type attack.{{sup/4|HGSS}}|
d5|d6=WeakensIf held by a supereffective<!--noPokémon, space-->this Dragon-typeBerry attackwill againstlessen the holdingdamage Pokémon.taken |from one supereffective Dragon-type attack.
d6|d7=If held by a Pokémon, this Berry will lessen the damage taken from one supereffective Dragon-type attack.|
nameor|effect=Halves the [[damage]] taken from a [[Damage#Super effective|supereffective]] {{wptype|Psidium cattleianum|TerihabanjirōDragon}} |[[move]].
basis|nameor= {{wp|Psidium cattleianum|Strawberry guavaTerihabanjirō}}, {{wp|Pomegranate}}|
type|basis=Dragon {{wp|Psidium cattleianum|Strawberry guava}}, {{wp|Pomegranate}}
power|type={{tt|80|60 in Generations IV-V}} |Dragon
scoop1|power=3 {{tt|80|60 in Generations IV-V}}
stick1=1 |scoop1=3
scoop2=5 |stick1=1
stick2=3 |scoop2=5
scoop3=4 |stick2=3
stick3=2 |scoop3=4
treeimage= |stick3=2
spicy=&ndash; |treeimage=
dry|spicy=&ndash; |
sweet|dry=&ndash; |
bitter|sweet=&ndash; |
sour|bitter=&ndash; |
A '''Haban Berry''' (Japanese: '''ハバンのみ''' ''Haban Fruit'') is a type of [[Berry]] introduced in [[Generation IV]].