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Added the SM028 variation of the motto
:'''Jessie, James, Meowth''': Team Rocket's kicking back. Cheerfully chilling without a fight!
:'''Wobbuffet''': Wobba-wobba!
;''[[SM028|‪Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!]]'' motto
:'''Jessie''': If you're thanking us, now that's rich!
:'''James''': Your gratitude may soon undergo the big switch!
:'''Jessie''': My batting average is a thousand - twerps, hide in shame,
:'''Jessie''': The Pokémon Base world bows down at the sound of my name!
:'''Jessie''': Jessie.
:'''James''': When I go to bat, the bases are swirled,
:'''James''': The sultan of swats fighting back against a tragic world!
:'''James''': It's James.
:'''Meowth''': It's oh and two but this dude isn't through,
:'''Meowth''': My glittering grand slam lights up the darkest night!
:'''Meowth''': Dig it, while Meowth line drive takes flight!
:'''Jessie, James, Meowth''': Team Rocket, let's fight!
:'''Meowth''': That's right!
:'''Wobbuffet''': Wobbuffet!