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Under The Alolan Sun

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|fr={{DL|List of French Pokémon themes|Sous le soleil d'Alola}} <small>''Under the Alolan sun''</small>
|de={{DL|List of German Pokémon themes|Alola ist wunderschön}} <small>''Alola is wonderful''</small>
|he={{DL|List of Hebrew Pokémon themes|פרקמרך: שמש אלרלה}} <small>''Chapter: Sunrise of Alola''</small>
|it={{DL|List of Italian Pokémon themes|Perché qui ad Alola puoi}} <small>''Because here in Alola you can''</small>
|no={{DL|List of Norwegian Pokémon themes|Under Alola sin sol}} <small>''Under Alola's sun''</small>