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Battle Bond (Ability)

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In battle: Gastro Acid is already mentioned below
Multiple Greninja can activate this Ability during the same battle. If Ash-Greninja faints in battle, it will revert to its original form, and that Greninja cannot change into Ash-Greninja again during the same battle even after being revived.
{{m|Gastro Acid}}, {{m|Worry Seed}}, {{m|Simple Beam}}, and {{m|Entrainment}} fail if the target has Battle Bond. {{m|Role Play}} and {{m|Skill Swap}} fail if either Pokémon has Battle Bond. Battle Bond cannot be copied by {{a|Trace}}, {{a|Power of Alchemy}}, or {{a|Receiver}}. Battle Bond cannot be replaced by {{a|Mummy}} or suppressed by {{m|Gastro Acid}} or {{m|Core Enforcer}}. If a Pokémon other than Greninja obtains Battle Bond with {{a|Imposter}} or {{m|Transform}}, the Pokémon cannot change form into Ash-Greninja even if it knocks out another Pokémon.
===Outside of battle===