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Argus first appeared tracking Diancie from his airship. At the time, Diancie was on a quest to find {{movOBP|Xerneas|Xerneas|17M17}} and acquire the {{a|Fairy Aura}}. Argus was also seen tracking down the actions of his rivals, [[Merilyn]] and [[Riot]]. He was satisfied with the progress but also worried that Merilyn and Riot may get to it first. When Millis arrived, Argus was shown with a box of chocolates, and talked to his daughter about how good the chocolates he had were. He was shown eating several of the chocolates, which worried Millis.
He and his daughter attacked Diancie once it had accomplished its goal, hoping to use its newfound power of diamond creation to acquire a fortune. He, along with Millis, chased after Diancie and also fought with Merilyn and Riot when they appeared. They took their fighting into a deep pit with shallow water, which contained Yveltal. Argus was surprised when he felt a strange power awaken. They lost possession of Diancie during {{movOBP|Yveltal|Yveltal|17M17}}'s rampage, and when they used Argus's ship to attack Yveltal with missiles, were killed. Their ship was also destroyed and crashed into a lake. They were later revived by Xerneas after the crisis had ended.
After these events, Argus and his daughter gave up their criminal life and they opened their own chocolate shop. Working here, he was shown to still have an irresistible obsession with chocolates, as despite Millis trying to stop him, he ate a piece.