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<i>Ash’sKahuna classOlivia is excitedleading aboutthe theirclass on a field trip to Akala Island, ledand byeveryone Kahunais Oliviaexcited! Before they leave, Olivia hasdemonstrates aher knack for calmingwith Pokémon, whetherby it’scalming an angry Tauros orand Ash’sbonding gruffwith Litten.just Onabout the way to Akalaeveryone, theincluding groupAsh’s findsstandoffish a Wailmer trapped in some rocksLitten. Can Ash and Olivia work together to get it free?</i>
On the boat to Akala, Ash and Olivia discover a Wailmer, trapped in the rocks by an angry Bruxish! Everyone works together to drive Bruxish off and get Wailmer free, and when it starts to sink, Popplio comes to the rescue, floating it up to the surface in an impressive balloon. That night, Nurse Joy hosts everyone at the Pokémon Center, and there are more exciting adventures to come!</i>