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Undo revision 2689894 by MH (talk) I don't see how that's relevant; I don't recall a mention of the two breeding or anyone wanting to breed them. A crush does not equal breeding.
* [[Yuji Ueda]] is credited for {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} for this episode, even though Wobbuffet does not appear in this episode.
* Jessie's disguise outfit resembles the 1980s actress {{wp|Grace Jones}}, due to her hair.
* In the games, Smoochum is not able to breed with Pancham since she is a [[baby Pokémon]] and as such is in the {{egg2|Undiscovered}}. However, if she evolved, she would be able to breed with Pancham since both {{p|Jynx}} and Pancham are in the {{egg3|Human-Like}}.