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* [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]]: [[Battle Club]]
* This is the first time since early in the [[original series]] that Ash has caught three Pokémon in three consecutive episodes.
* This is one of the very fewsecond timestime that Ash, or any main character, uses thea [[Pokédex]] manuallyentry tois findshown for a {{p|Umbreon|Pokémon's}} information,that ratherdoesn't thanotherwise scanning itappear in the fleshepisode. InThe thisfirst case,time Ashwas looksin up {{p''[[EP187|Umbreon}}Moving afterPictures]]'', mistakingand athe blackened-upthird Tepigtime forwas itin on''[[SM007|‪That's Why the Litten is a monitorScamp!]]''.
** This alsois marksalso one of the very few times whenthat aAsh, Pokédexor entryany ismain showncharacter, for a Pokémon that doesn't otherwise appear inuses the episode.Pokédex Themanually onlyto otherfind episodea soPokémon's farinformation, whererather thisthan hasscanning happenedit isin ''[[EP187|Movingthe Pictures]]''flesh.
* The female Trainer in this episode [[Anime character recycling|looked just like]] [[Alanna]] from ''[[AG039|A Poké-BLOCK Party!]]'', only with pink hair. Another Alanna look-a-like appeared in ''[[DP175|Opposites Interact!]]''.
* The dub of this episode fully confirmed the English names of {{p|Servine}} and {{p|Dewott}}.