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Rhyhorn (Pokémon)

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In the anime
[[File:Grace Rhyhorn.png|thumb|250px|Rhyhorn in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
====Major appearances====
A {{DL|Hiker|Rhyhorn}} appeared in ''[[EP051|Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden]]'' under the ownership of a {{an|Hiker}}. [[Ash's Bulbasaur]] defeated it in battle.
A {{DL|Corey|Rhyhorn}} owned by [[Corey]] was one of the Pokémon that was captured and cloned by {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}} in ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]''. The Rhyhorn clone was seen again in ''[[Mewtwo Returns]]'', having by this point [[Pokémon breeding|bred]] a baby Rhyhorn with the clone of [[Fergus]]'s {{pDL|Fergus|Nidoqueen}}.
The first Pokémon that {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} saw at [[Pinkan Island]] in ''[[EP088|In the Pink]]'' was a Rhyhorn, which was {{DL|List of alternately colored Pokémon in the anime|Pink Rhyhorn|pink}} in color. Although initially unaware of the trio, Ash rushed up to it and antagonized it. It then cornered the gang at a cliff-edge, and attempted to charge at them, who were saved by {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} using {{m|Teleport}} via {{m|Metronome}}, causing Rhyhorn to charge over the cliff. It was then rescued by Ash and friends with the help of the resident [[Officer Jenny]].
A Rhyhorn charged at [[Ash's Donphan]] after it had angered it by accident in ''[[AG161|Odd Pokémon Out]]''.
{{kal|Grace}} has a {{DL|Grace (Kalos)|Rhyhorn}} which first appeared in ''[[XY001|Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!]]''. It was used in many races when Grace was younger. Rhyhorn was used by {{an|Serena}} as part of her Rhyhorn training before she left home. Rhyhorn later reappeared in ''[[XY053|A Race for Home!]]'' along with Grace before reappearing in a flashback in ''[[XY060|A Showcase Debut!]]''. Rhyhorn was later seen watching Serena's performances in ''[[XY080|Performing with Fiery Charm!]]'' and ''[[XY112|Master Class is in Session!]]''.
Multiple {{DL|Ian (XY007)|Rhyhorn}} appeared in ''[[XY007|Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!]]'', including one that belongs to {{OBP|Ian|XY007}}.
A Rhyhorn appeared in ''[[M17|Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction]]''. It was borrowed from the Rhyhorn racing track of [[Orsay City]] by Serena, {{an|Clemont}}, {{an|Bonnie}}, and {{an|Diancie}}, who used it to escape from [[Merilyn]] and [[Riot]]. Rhyhorn quickly ran past the racers on the track, before going off-track and riding inside a forest. After the group got to safety, Serena thanked Rhyhorn for its help and it went back to the racing track.
Another {{DL|Serena (anime)|Rhyhorn}} appeared in ''[[XY053|A Race for Home!]]'', where Serena hijacked it to chase after {{TRT}}, who stole cheese.
Multiple Rhyhorn appeared in ''[[XY109|Master Class Choices!]]'' where they were used as part of the Theme Performance of the [[Fleurrh City]] [[Pokémon Showcase]] where the performers had to attract the most Rhyhorn is a certain period of time. Serena found that most of the Rhyhorn were attracted to her allowing her to advance to the next performance. [[Amelia (XY109){{OBP|Amelia]]|XY109}} had her {{Shiny}} {{pDL|Amelia (XY109)|Dragonair}} and {{pDL|Amelia (XY109)|Espeon}} use {{m|Attract}} to bring them over.
====Minor appearances====
Multiple Rhyhorn also appeared in ''[[M04|Celebi: Voice of the Forest]]'', ''[[M05|Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias]]'', and ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]''.
[[Jon Dickson]]'s {{DL|Jon Dickson|Rhyhorn}} defeated {{jo|[[Harrison}}'s {{p|Houndoom}}]] and knocked Harrison out of the [[Silver Conference]] in ''[[EP272|Johto Photo Finish]]''.
A Rhyhorn appeared in ''[[AG135|Numero Uno Articuno]]'', under the ownership of {{FB|Factory Head|Noland}}.
Multiple Rhyhorn appeared in ''[[M08|Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]'' as part of the feuding armies.
A {{DL|J's client (DP071)|Rhyhorn}} was used by the henchmen of {{OBP|J's client|DP071}} was amongst the group of Pokémon used to attack {{an|Dawn}}, {{an|Brock}}, [[Officer Jenny]], and [[Solana]] in ''[[DP072|Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part Two]]''.
A Rhyhorn appeared in ''[[DP088|Camping It Up!]]''.