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Hypno (Pokémon)

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In the anime
Hypno first appeared in ''[[EP027|Hypno's Naptime]]''. The Pokémon Lover's Club of [[HopHopHop Town]] were using Hypno and {{p|Drowzee}} to help them with their sleeping problems. The "Sleep Waves" from Hypno were causing children to act like Pokémon and draining the energy from the Pokémon in the local [[Pokémon Center]]. Drowzee managed to fix this problem.
{{jo|Harrison}} used a {{DL|Harrison (Johto)|Hypno}} against {{Ash}} during the [[Silver Conference]] in ''[[EP271|Playing with Fire]]'' where it was able to defeat {{AP|Totodile}} before losing to {{AP|Snorlax}}.
Hypno also appeared in ''[[AG146|Fear Factor Phony]]''. It lives in an abandoned mining colony with several other Pokémon of {{t|Psychic|its type}}.