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Herbal medicine

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In the anime
In ''[[XY017|A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!]]'', [[Sanpei]] offered a pill made out of [[Energy Root]] to Ash after his {{AP|Froakie}} had lost to him in battle. The remedy proved instantly effective, though Froakie greatly disliked the bitter taste.
Multiple Revival Herbs appeared in ''[[SM035|Currying Favor and Flavor!]]'', where Ash and {{an|Mallow}} collected them to be used as ingredients for the "{{isl|Akala}} Curry". Later, they used a couple of the herbs to heal {{pkmn2|Totem}} {{p|Lurantis}} and its ally {{p|Castform}} after Ash's [[Island challenge|trial]] against it. Out of curiosity, {{AP|Litten}} also took a taste of the herbs and, like Castform, found its bitter taste unpleasant.
==In the TCG==