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Grass Whistle (move)

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==In the anime==
{{moveanime|type=grass|exp=yes|image1=Nando SunfloraSnover GrassWhistle.png|image1p=SunfloraSnover|image2=SnoverCilan Pansage GrassWhistle.png|image2p=SnoverPansage|image3=CilanNando PansageSunflora GrassWhistle.png|image3p=PansageSunflora}}
{{movep|type=grass|ms=192|pkmn=Sunflora|method=Sunflora puts one of its leaves into its mouth and blows on it. It then moves its leaf back and forth and its whole body starts to glow white.}}
{{movemid|type=grass|user=Nando|user1=Nando's Sunflora|startcode=DP049|startname=Dawn's Early Night!|notes=Debut}}