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* The English dub of this episode aired as a one-hour special along with ''[[BW001|In The Shadow of Zekrom!]]'' making it the first time more than one new episode premiered during the same day since ''[[DP050|Tag! We're It...!]]'', ''[[DP051|Glory Blaze!]]'', and ''[[DP052|Smells Like Team Spirit!]]'' aired together back on February 1, 2008.
* Music from ''[[M12|Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]'' is used as background music.
*This episode,and likethe [[BW001]]previous episode, was aired in Italy on DisneyXD one day after the American airing.
**This marks the first time an episode is aired in Italy one day after the American airing.
* Ash caught a Pidove and Jessie caught a Woobat, oddly, these Pokémon swarm in Nuvema Town after the player goes out whether in day or night.