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It was called out once again in order to help out [[Roman]] and [[Kylie]] in retrieving the restaurant's stolen food, where it battled alongside [[Dawn's Buneary]]. Both of them started off with a double {{m|Ice Beam}}, causing [[James's Carnivine]] and [[Jessie's Seviper]] to freeze. Followed by its {{m|Iron Tail}} and Buneary's {{m|Bounce}}, they blasted off their opponents.
In ''[[DP079|Strategy With a Smile!]]'', May used Glaceon in the finals of the [[Wallace Cup]], where it went up against [[Dawn's Piplup]], in its first battle as a Glaceon. The fierce battle concluded with Dawn as the winner, though Glaceon lost the match by only a few points. Although Glaceon was sad, May said that it was great. It reappeared in [[DP120]] in a flashback.
==Personality and characteristics==