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Ralts (Pokémon)

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Ralts's isappearance basedseems [ Ochikubobe Monogatari],based aslightly well-knownon Japanesethat fairytale in whichof a young Heianchild, princessfollowing wearsthe atheory bowlthat coveringyoung herchildren facecan untilsense shefeelings findseasier trueand love.more Boththoroughly thethan bowladults. motifIts and the unmistakablered "nagabakamahorns" (longalso trailing split hakama worn by princesses) in Ralts' design point to this. Additionally, Ralts' final form- Gardevoir- losesresemble the bowltips to reveal great beauty and affection for its master (in the fairytale,of a prince who takes the abandoned princess in to serveheart himshape.)
====Name origin====