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Ralts (Pokémon)

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Ralts's appearanceis seemsbased to[ beOchikubo basedMonogatari], slightlya onwell-known thatJapanese offairytale in which a young child,Heian followingprincess thewears theorya thatbowl youngcovering childrenher canface senseuntil feelingsshe easierfinds andtrue morelove. thoroughlyBoth thanthe adults.bowl Itsmotif redand the unmistakable "hornsnagabakama" also(long resembletrailing split hakama worn by princesses) in Ralts' design point to this. Additionally, Ralts' final form- Gardevoir- loses the tipsbowl ofto reveal great beauty and affection for its master (in the fairytale, a heartprince who takes the abandoned princess in to serve shapehim.)
====Name origin====