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Gym Battles
Players can work together to challenge, with the defending Pokémon's HP being shared between players. An icon with a number will appear on the left-hand side of the screen indicating the number of players currently fighting that Gym.
===Raid Battles===
Raid Battles can also take place at Gyms. A wild Pokémon, typically one much stronger than can be found in the wild, will be stationed at the Gym for a period of time. Using a Raid Pass players can challenge the wild Pokémon and fight it as though it were a Gym defender. As with Gyms, multiple trainers can join together to fight a much stronger Pokémon. Upon defeat the players who participated in the Raid Battle will receive [[Premiere Ball]]s depending on their performance, and can then use them to attempt to catch the wild Pokémon they defeated.
===Battle mechanics===