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* Similar to ''[[XY056|One for the Goomy!]]'', this episode contains a reference to ''[[EP070|Go West Young Meowth]]'': when Bonnie asks {{MTR}} how he learned to talk, Meowth is ready to tell her the story behind it, but she loses interest as soon as Meowth mentions that the story is long.
**This scene is also reminiscent of a [[AG022|previous episode]] where Max asked Meowth a similar question about his ability to talk and then proceeded to ignore his answer.
* When Clemont unveils his invention to Pikachu, Bunnelby, and Braixen, they react similarly to how Ash, Serena, and Bonnie would react- Pikachu is in awe at the new invention (just like Ash would be), and Braixen shows an embarrassed expression on its face and sighs (most likely referencing Bonnie complaining about Clemont's poor invention names).