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Appendix:Emerald walkthrough/Section 16

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Enter Room 6 and collect the {{ball|Luxury}}, then use the narrow hallway to reach the adjoining room. Room 5 has three pieces of trash and one item; the {{key|III|Rm. 2 Key}} is located three steps south of the left-hand trash can.
Visit Room 2 to find the {{key|III|Scanner}}. If you show this to the Scientist in the Captain's office, he asks you to take it to Captain Stern back in {{DL|Slateport City|Slateport Harbor}}. Once there, Stern offers to trade either a [[Deep Sea Tooth|DeepSeaTooth]] or a [[Deep Sea Scale|DeepSeaScale}}]] for it. The DeepSeaTooth doubles a {{p|Clamperl}}'s {{stat|Special Attack}} when held, and triggers Clamperl's evolution into {{p|Huntail}} when traded. The DeepSeaScale doubles a Clamperl's {{stat|Special Defense}} when held, and triggers its evolution into {{p|Gorebyss}} when traded.
==Mauville City==