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Sun/Moon sprites
:Wow, I didn't know it needed all that ^^. Just one last question, Lady Ariel, how did you get them animated ? Did you take several screenshots then piled them up as APNG pictures ? -- [[User:N_tonio36|<span style="font-family:Segoe UI">N_tonio36</span>]]<sup>[[User talk:N_tonio36|<span style="font-family:Arial Sans">Talk here</span>]]</sup> 21:18, 26 August 2017 (UTC)
::Yes it was a ton of work and took about three months to get them done. I am not sure what you mean about how I got them animated, since none of the Pokémon models from Sun and Moon are animated. '''[[User:Lady Ariel|<span style="color:magenta">Lady</span>]] [[User talk:Lady Ariel|<span style="color:orange">Ariel</span>]]''' 22:02, 26 August 2017 (UTC)